Jaloers op Viola

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This Clavis series is part of the Symfollies project. Symfollies is a magical world, populated

by living musical instruments like Viola, Stradi, Trump, Pica and their friends in the 

symphony orchestra. Their wonderful adventures and the accompanying CD make classical 

music accessible in a fun way for children. Every book puts one instrument in the spotlight. 

In this book it’s the viola.

Viola is always the best.

The others find that difficult.

They are jealous

Trump begins to bully her and everyone joins in.

Little by little Viola is completely excluded.

Even by her little brother Stradi…

The CD with this book includes:

G.Rossini – William Tell Ouverture

J.Strauss – Blue Danube

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake suite scene no. 4

Language: Dutch

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